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The Emerging Trends in eCommerce websites

To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art. ~Chinese Proverb

Running a website teaches you many things, and few of them is what not to do while starting an eCommerce site. Research is one of the most important aspects when it comes to running a website. You have to follow the crowd to kick-start your business. Here are few trends which you can follow while you develop your first website:

Responsive Website Design

Gone are the times when users spend hours browsing a website for their desired products. Now users are equipped with Google and they have websites which are easy to navigate. In the past two years there is so much buzz about responsive website design. What exactly is responsive website that engages a user so much? The answer is a website which operates on your smartphone with the same efficiency as on your laptop. There are companies doing wonders in developing a responsive website. And Branex is surely one of them.

Clutter free website

As the famous notation goes “Keep It Simple” This statement applies to eCommerce website too. No matter how many products you’re offering, make sure your site is organized in a clutter-free manner. Consumers now days are smart enough to abandon the slow website and shift any other website which is saving their time. So, as a company, it’s your duty to get the bugs fixed in your website and make it simpler, yet user-friendly. Yes, user friendliness is one of another trend which is making so much buzz these days. From the last few years, Amazon making so much effort in user friendliness, their sale are skyrocketing with an hourly rate.

Food Delivery on the go

In the last two years, online food delivery services took a leap in Pakistani market. With the emergence of FoodPanda and EatOye, dozens of companies followed the trend. But as they say, if you don’t have something good to offer, don’t start it. But if you have that passion or if you’re a foodie than just go for it. Start with a blog and turn in into the full-time website. Share your favorite dishes, share funny experiences or follow the trend and star delivering food right from your kitchen.

Easy Cart system

Amazon has introduced one-step checked which created waves in the eCommerce industry. And smartly Amazon made it a patent; this turned out be a very genius step by Jeff Bezos. Now you can see others following the trend of making their check-out page easy. Shopify made is evident by its popularity the importance of the simple check-out system. So, make sure you test your check-out for both speed and simplicity.

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