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Must-know Tips For Guaranteed eCommerce Success

Marketing is like an airplane. Yes, it takes planning to get the aircraft off the ground, but that’s just the beginning of the journey. To safely arrive at the planned destination the pilot has to constantly maneuver the aircraft based on the information reported by the flight instruments. The same holds true for any marketing campaign.

Although there are plenty tips of online ecommerce businesses that can help you grow. But here I would like to share my pinch of wisdom, which delivered results.

Treat your visitors as guests

Every visitor is like a guest. How you treat a guest? Yes, with uttermost care, importance and understanding. Before enticing your customers there are few questions you need to ask yourself. Are there any particular demographic you want to attract? What qualities does your product have & how those qualities can land on the sweet spot where you & your customer can chine in.

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Furthermore when your customer lands on the website do not give him the chance to think what to do next. Your website needs to be self-explanatory. From landing to placing the order, make sure your ecommerce website pass the usability test with flying colors. Moreover, be in the front of your customer. Use a chat messenger that is both simple, and intuitive. And most importantly keep your chat messenger in front so users can access it in few clicks. Make it easy for customers to connect with you.

Write content for readers

Instead of buying ads on Google, hire a professional content writer & make him put your ideas in text form. Why your company exists in the first place? (Refer to Simon Sinek’s TED talk), what are you aspirations & what value are you willing to give to your customer?

Previously content was only used as a medium to list your website in Google search page, but now, it is the hottest medium to generate leads. Furthermore, it is more important to connect with users on the personal level. Let me relate their personality with your brand. Once, that is done, you can easily built trust & sell them your product.

Be proactive in social media

Make a proactive social media strategy. No matter you have written the best product description, but if it doesn’t resonates with your target audience, it will not attract the relevant traffic. Focus on one or two social media platforms & go for that. It is not necessary to jump into ever platform just because your competitor is also doing it. Pick one channel and go with it. Master it from all angles. Do one thing, but make sure to do that thing better than your competitor.

SEO is still relevant

No matter how many friends you have on Facebook or followers on Twitter, if your website doesn’t appear on first page of Google, you will be doomed.

A sound social media strategy is very important, but Google remains one of the biggest tools which new customers can use to discover your business. For that reason, it is important to have a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Remember that Google tracks and ranks websites by how many other pages are linking to them. This means that you want to link to other pages so that those websites may link back to you. You also need to update your content regularly. If you do, then others will link to the new articles and videos you produce, getting your website higher on search rankings.

Dieter Hsiao, CEO of Mezzologic, believes that companies must take a holistic approach to link building, which means collecting links from multiple channels.

“It’s maximizing a company’s web presence, ensuring that customers can easily find and obtain the information and resources they need – and making it simple and enjoyable to research and buy the company’s products,” says Hsiao.

While there are small tricks you can use to improve your SEO rating like links and consistently using major keywords, understand that the best way to get high on a Google search is to come out with consistent, quality content. I cannot emphasize enough how important content and content marketing can be for any online strategy.

Mobile-only websites are the new win

We know that people are using mobile phones to access data & make purchase. In a survey it was concluded that mobile app purchases rose up to 68% in the previous year.

Consequently, any business must have a mobile strategy. This means that it is necessary to design your website so that it is easily navigable by mobile users. It may be a good idea to create a separate website for mobile users, especially if your small business is a retailer or restaurant. Also look at getting less information in every web page – while people may be spending more time on mobile compared to desktops, they still spend less time per page compared to desktops.

At bare minimum, creating a website which is difficult to access and navigate with a mobile will slow traffic down to your website. Make sure that potential problem is fixed.

A great website design is easy to navigate with a mobile as it is with the actual website. The necessity is not to put all the content in the mobile app, it is to put the minimum content which can make a maximum impact.

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