Instagram is the most popular and effective social media platform, especially for ecommerce businesses. According to Track Maven, Instagram is a social media platform where brands get the highest average engagement. This makes this platform a basic necessity for most of the brands that want to increase their brand reach and connect with an active and engaged customer base.

Here are top 5 Instagram tools for how your e-commerce business to increase customer engagement and boost sales with this platform.

1. “Scoutsee” for Your Shoppable Posts

Instagram can be an amazing platform for engaging a large audience. But when it comes to ecommerce stores, you can only add one link to your profile, as you can clearly see in the Zappos bio below.

Instagram doesn’t allow more than one links in the posts either. This means that users can only see one link at a time.

If users like a product on your Instagram and want to purchase it, they can’t click a link to purchase it. They have to choose the long route. First, they need to visit your website and then they need to look for that particular product in your product catalog.  

If they successfully find their desired item they liked on Instagram, only then they can make a purchase. This can be a big hassle for users and may cost your ecommerce businesses a lot of potential leads.

Thanks to Scoutsee that solves this problem of e-commerce businesses by allowing them to create shoppable posts. By using this tool, you can easily create your own storefront and then add a link to it in your bio section. You can easily share images of your products, create catchy captions that users can click on the link mentioned in your bio.

When users click on the link, they will easily go to your personal storefront and if they want to buy a particular product, they can easily click on the product and will be taken to the product page.

2. “Iconosquare” for Comprehensive Analytics

Perhaps you are thinking that your Instagram posts are performing better, but how do you compare your posts to your competitors? And how do you know whether your latest Instagram posts are performing well than the previous ones?

Here is a tool that lets you track and measure your Instagram posts’ metrics. Iconosquare is an Instagram tool that has an analytics feature that allows you measure your followers’ growth, find the location of your followers and evaluate the performance of your Instagram posts in real-time.

Moreover, it also helps you measure the engagement your posts are getting. It helps you figure out the best times to post on Instagram so you can easily change your posting schedule to get the most out of your Instagram posts.

One best thing about this Instagram app is that you can determine how each hashtag and filter you use impact on your engagement rate. This will help e-commerce brands to understand which filter performs well to generate customer engagement and which hashtag performed better and you should use in future to improve your brand’s visibility.

Furthermore, Iconosquare is an amazing tool that helps you keep track of your competitors’ activities. You can compare the engagement rate, follower growth and number of likes against your competitors.

3. “Wishpond” to Create and Manage Engaging Contests

Instagram contests are an engaging way to capture the attention of your existing and potential customers and grow your fan base. But sometimes Instagram contests can be time-consuming because it is hard to analyze every single photo submitted by a user.

Wishpond hashtag contest app allows you to create and manage Instagram contests. All you need to assign a specific hashtag to monitor and it will gather all the relevant data using that specific hashtag.

You can use the app to set your own rules. For instance, you can make it mandatory for users to mention your Instagram handle every time they post an entry. Or to increase your brand’s following, you can make it compulsory to follow on your Instagram to qualify for the contest.

Wishpond comes has a real-time analytics feature that helps you track the performance of your contests in real time. In fact, it is the amazing way to learn from your current campaign to monitor if there is any other way to make changes for your future campaigns.

4. “Later” to Manage Your Posting Schedule

If you want to boost user engagement on your Instagram account, you need to post frequently. The content you post on Instagram must be engaging and tells an interesting story to capture the love and interest of users.

Perhaps you have named a certain day as a special day for your business like, “Monday Deals”, “Amazing Wednesday”, “Saturday Surprises”. And you want to regularly post related content every week. But chances are you won’t maintain consistency and to maintain it you need a visual hart of your posting schedule to keep track of every single post you plan to post and when.

Thanks to Later that makes it easier for you to create a content calendar and keep track on what you post and when. It also allows you to see the preview image of your Instagram feed which will make it easier to create a schedule that make your Instagram feed aesthetically appealing.  

5. “Taggd” to Get the Most Out of User-Generated Content

People usually trust other consumers’ reviews more than any promotional content and branded stuff. A study suggests that 51% of Americans trust UGC more present on a brand’s website than any other type of content. So, if you really want to drive more conversions and sales for your e-commerce business, all you need to build brand’s credibility and earn your audience’s trust with UGC.

As user-generated content such as images, videos and reviews created by customers can act as a social proof to your prospects. It can persuade them to trust your brand and make a desired action.

Taggd is an Instagram tool that allows you to promote your ecommerce business by displaying user-submitted images of your products tagged with a particular hashtag on product pages.


So, these are some of the best Instagram tools for your e-commerce business that can definitely boost sales and increase conversions. There are some other ways ecommerce brands can use to get targeted traffic from Instagram to their business websites. You should improve your Instagram marketing strategy by using these Instagram apps and you will surely improve your business bottom line in no time.


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