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Importance of Typography & Colors in Web Design – Infographics

Did you know that web design elements such as typography and colors have a huge psychological impact on users? There is more to web design than design aesthetics and content delivery. According to a study, 62-90% users will make purchase decisions based on colors, which means that colors are the most important factor for customers.

Your website colors and fonts can stir emotions, affect mood and feelings among your website visitors as well as create a connection between the customer and a brand. More importantly, it can influence your website traffic, conversion rates and purchase decisions therefore, you should choose colors and fonts carefully because it can make or break your website. Typography helps you in conveying subconscious messages.

There are a number of factors to take into account before selecting the right typeface and color for your website. This includes visibility, demographics, culture, preferences and much more. Branex pays extra attention to all these details and many more to deliver a web design that can impress your website visitors.

Here is an infographic that can tell you about the importance of typography and color psychology in web design.

Adam McGriffin

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