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User Interface Tweaks That Will Double Your ROI

A good user interface is beyond just appealing graphics and trendy fonts. It’s all about adding up a professional tone and compelling brand presence. It’s a matter of developing websites that users actually love to browse and use. But what type of user interface changes marketers can make to improve their website conversion rate. Here I’ve listed a few user interface tweaks that can help you improve user experience while doubling your ROI.

Call to Action

With the arrival of mobile apps, having a dedicated clickable area on your call to action buttons is vital to so that users click on them. Since many buttons are totally based on graphics, there are still some buttons that insert small link text as opposed to a more responsive and intuitive option. Small links may look sleek and sophisticated on a desktop website, but are a painful eye exercise on a smartphone.

In addition, creating captivating taglines is the key, perhaps you have only 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of users, especially when they first visit your website. And in such short amount of time, your value proposition has to quickly resonate with your prospective clients. If your visitors clearly understand the main USP, then more likely you will be getting more leads and conversions. Therefore, it is always a worthwhile idea to use persuasive taglines for better results.

White Space Matters Most

White space plays a key role in user interface design that many designers overlook often, because to them, white space is just screen real state that needs to be filled. And when you limit screen space, such as designing for mobile or smart watches, it can be tempting to fit as much as possible into that small space.

The proper use of white space not only increases focus, but also leads the eye to key visual graphical elements, CTAs and other important areas of your website that you want visitors to focus on. It basically presents your site as a more welcoming, pleasing, open and accessible place.

Focus on Providing Results

When it comes to providing a seamless user experience, it is important to ask yourself, what does the user need, whether your website fulfill users’ demands? And then make website tweaks to fulfill their needs and wants. Users want to get their desired product with as little frustration as possible, they probably don’t focus on web design.

So, the easier you make the process, the more comfortable the user experience will be and the more likely they will become your returning customers. Moreover, chances are they will tell their friends about their seamless user experience.

Use Icons Wisely

Believe it or not, symbols help users a point of reference, especially when it comes to navigate a site or when scrolling over a website. Using small, identifiable icons are meant to inform the reader at a glance, in fact it might be the best choice, especially when you are targeting global audience where more creative or abstract icons might not be instantly recognizable.

If you want to use abstract icons, make sure to label them clearly to facilitate users to understand where clicking on those icons will take you. It should be kept in mind, icons must be used to support your navigation, they are not meant to replace it.

Using Sliders is a Good Choice

Sliders are commonly used in many modern websites for several reasons. Because they are trendy and have a real power to attract the audience with visuals. They inform readers above the fold and allow you to focus on the special areas such as sale offer, special products, new arrivals, stock clearance etc.

But it is important to carefully consider the speed of sliders, because sometimes they scroll so fast, or contain a lot of things in it, resulting in defeating their main purpose of sharing information that is tailor-made to get users’ attention. Sometimes readers find it difficult to read them at once, getting less information, or unable to click on them. Therefore, make it as simple as possible, so that it will become easier for readers to navigate. Reduce the number of images and use the text concisely to clearly communicate the ideas with clear meaning.

Moreover, carefully think whether your website actually needs sliders or a static appealing banner serves it purpose of communicating the message to the audience. Running a split test between both options is the best idea to figure out which option works best for your website performance.

Craft a Brand Story

Keep in mind that you are promoting your website, improving UX, and creating engaging content for real people, so give your audience a real reason to stay on your website, tell them your brand story. Most websites are unwelcoming, corporate places with little time for real emotion. People connect with feelings, emotions, humor and empathy. Breathe new life into your content, images, videos, infographics, and then stand back and watch your online conversion spike.  

Create Valuable, Engaging Content

The main purpose of your website is to connect and resonate with the target audience for your products/services. Creating your website content that is jargon-free and to-the-point while enabling you to present the main purpose of your website. Just forget about the long, boring complicated words, stick to the engaging, interesting information, and you will be able to grab your prospects.

Final Words

Making these user interface tweaks will certainly improve your website traffic, conversion rate and ultimately sales. We, a Web design Company is here to make user interface fixes so that your website can provide an intuitive UX, while helping you to boost sales and ROI.

Adam McGriffin

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