“When I am out there walking, cycling, or just sitting appreciating the view around me, I am actually looking for opportunities to capture images for my Instagram feed. All I require is an iPhone or an iPod which helps me capture and post my inspiration right on spot” Jamie Oliver the celebrity Chef and an Entrepreneur

Jamie is not an ordinary chef. If you look into his Instagram followers you will get the idea how smartly he is using images to market his own brand online. With a humongous following of 412,000+ followers and still counting, Jamie knows the power of engagement which can be done with the power of visual content.

While iPhone only takes ordinary images, Instagram further adds a ‘zing’ factor to that ordinary photo and convert it into an extraordinary image.

  • In an analysis of over 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images.
  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

You can see images all around the internet and with Pinterest and Snapchat changing the way we once used to see images, it is now up to Entrepreneurs how they use the power of visuals to leverage their ecommerce website.

Firstly let us see how visual marketing affects the natural power of brain

Once upon a time communication between people was done purely on the basis of symbols. People use to share ideas and thoughts based on whose content is rich with meaning and entire thought was conveyed with a single symbol.

Now, although letters are also considered as symbols, they must be placed together with words to make sense, and those words are put into a sentence to understand the context of those words.

The modern way to express symbols is via infographics. 

If you are like modern Entrepreneur, you probably saw a humongous amount of Infographics popping up every single day. This is because infographic is an effective way to convey a large amount of data in one single image. In one way you can consider infographic as complex information compressed into a format that allows users to grab information in a glance.

New York University psychologist Jerome Bruner has discussed studies that look at the correlation between human brains, visually and learning. The results show that people only remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read, but about 80% of what they see.

In his The Complete Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology, Neil Patel adds that 92.6% of people say the visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision (over factors like taste and smell).

Why Visual Content matters for Entrepreneurs?

To start with Instagram itself is a prodigy. Passing 300 million user mark and surpassing Twitter and its 284 million active users. As per the Instagram website, there is approximately 70 million photo share each day on Instagram.

“As an Entrepreneur, I started my second venture on Instagram and from there onwards it was all easy to get orders without spending a dime on marketing,” says Yousuf Rafi, Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Strategist at Branex.com

If you are still not convinced regarding using visual content for your next venture. Here are some more stats. With Instagram there are 216,000 photos posted, Pinterest users pin 3,467 images. And as for videos, 8,333 videos are uploaded and shared on YouTube and Vine per minute.

If we keep in mind that 277,000 tweets and 2,460,000 posts are shared on Twitter and Facebook every sixty seconds, the numbers are making a strong case for Entrepreneurs to use images and leverage their content to promote their activities online.

Last year, folks at Buzzsumo shared results of 100 million articles, the purpose of those articles are so note what factors make a content viral. And as you might have guessed it, it was visual content.

However one mistake Entrepreneurs make while going for visual content is to grab images that appear first on Google and share it on all the various Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter without following a proper strategy.

Some share the low-resolution image which nearly kills the purpose of going for visual content in the first place.

So, as an Entrepreneur, you might be wondering how do you create images that entice your customers to buy from you?

Well for starters there are tools that you can use to create fantastic images yourself.

Web-based tools for creating eye-catching images

You can label Canva as Swiss army knife for visual content creation, a must for every Entrepreneur going for visual images. Often called as ‘the easiest design program for visual markers’ even if they don’t know how to design. You can create Facebook covers, or perhaps Twitter header, this tool will be enough for you to start. And the best thing about Canva is it automatically optimize images for every platform.

PicMonkey is another alternative to Adobe Photoshop which lets you quickly edit, and touch-up images and creates some ravishing collage all without the need to sign up the process. Just start with uploading images from your computer and you can do most of the Photoshop things with like adding a canvas, apply a frame or even adding an overlay to images right with just a few clicks.

Quotes Cover is one of my personal favorite tools that I still use. The good thing is you need zero design skills for this tool. You simply add some text and this amazing tool will create fantastic images out of it. You have the control over the background and colors that go with the text which makes it even easier.

To conclude it all we are living in an age where it is nearly difficult to compete. But Entrepreneurs have an advantage to use tools which make every day things so simple. So if you are a startup, do tell us what tools you are using to save your time because in the end, sharing is caring.



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