If you are a typical Entrepreneur, you started really small. Like, maybe just you, your room, your laptop and. As a Young Entrepreneur, you might be struggling with a couple of things, but most importantly a good website design. There are only few web design agencies that know how to design well.

   1. Where to search the product?

Research says that you only have 8 seconds to grab the attention of your customer and if in those 8 seconds customer did not find what he is looking for, God bless you! Hey but wait, I can help, however. Continue reading!

The web is an archive of information. To keep your customers engaged, you need to provide them with a clear, easy-to-use search box. When a visitor search, he should get something relevant to his search, or direct him to something where he can find his solution. As an Entrepreneur, making a website is easy, but the usability part where the customer can view and search things is the hardest. Make sure to make it convenient for the customers.

search box for website   2. Cluttered Landing Page

Treat every page as a landing page. Moreover, make sure to de-clutter your every single page. Nothing frustrates the customer more than a cluttered page. On every page just put down the necessary stuff and leave out the ones that are not relevant to your customer. The attention span of a human being is not more than 5 seconds, so make sure you grab that 5-second slot and make good use of it. Moreover, the only way to make good use of those five seconds is to give customer what is most important to you and the customer.

clutter free hompage
3. Sour content

Nothing kills a website design other than a dull content. Writing is the easy part; it is the persuasion that is hard. Moreover, if you cannot persuade your customers with great content, you will not get high volume orders. Research your content. Research about your product and share it in a readable manner. Do not write for Google spider, write so people can read your content and do business with you. Make them feel special with your content, and they will be happy to place an order on your website.

  4. Keep it mobile-only stupid!

Apart from being simple, your website needs to be exclusive for mobile too. Keep both the websites, mobile & web separate. Best is to create a mobile app. Hire a professional mobile app development company and spend your energy on other things; but whatever you do be very strict when it comes to showcasing your content on mobile. On mobile, keep your content short and relevant. Do not clutter with irrelevant material that is of no benefit to your customer. Keep it simple, but keep it persuasive.

mobile optimized

   5. Call-to-Action or ‘find me and win’ button

Most of the websites still play hide-and-seek with their customers with a call-to-action button. I mean seriously? Keep your call-to-action button in front and make it visible to people. As an Entrepreneur your goal is to generate leads, and the best way to make lead is to use a bold, visible call to action button.

call to action

   6. What to do next?

Do not force your customers to think. I repeat do not let your customers think what to do next in your website. Design your website in a frictionless, seamless manner. Be very clear on what do you want your customers to do. Moreover, put the content in the simplest of manner. Either add a section of ‘how to place order’ or make the order placement as easy as possible.

  7. Unfavorable screen resolution

Be very clear about the screen resolutions you want to place with. As per the research mobile-only resolution is the most preferred way to get your message across. Study the different operating system resolutions and go with what is best for your customer. Think like a customer. What resolution will fit your website well? How will the visitors perceive your content on different sizes?

screen resolution

8. Inconsistent interface

Do not change the placement of elements of your website more often. Your customers will build a habit of finding certain things in certain places on your website. Do not make your customers think twice where the shopping cart was? Make sure to keep the interface constant and engaging to your customers. Rest assured your customers will love your consistency of design and will look forward to your website right after they land on your website.

To bottle it up

By looking at the web design mistake, you can at least avoid some of the most obvious blunders. At the same time as an Entrepreneur do not forget to experiment with different mistakes, as Entrepreneurs have a habit of going the extra mile.


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