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Website design tips for smart entrepreneurs

The modern entrepreneurs of today are passionate, determined and destined for success. As an entrepreneur, you must also be looking forward to a lot of success. The advent of the digital technologies have revolutionized almost everything and everyone now understands that internet provides the best chance of making money. Indeed, it is exactly why people from all walks of life are engaging them in online ventures, which are commonly launched through website designs, however some succeed and other do not.

Keeping in view the new entrants and the not-so-rising number of successful ventures, I being part of a professional website design service, would like to bring to the attention of budding business owners few tips that could help them in attaining long lasting success in lieu to their professional website designs.

Make Communication Available Instantly

Customer support is one of the primary elements of success for business around the globe. For that matter, a budding business owner must make sure that the prospects and clients could get in touch with him or with a company’s representative almost instantly whenever the need arises. In order to provide an instant get-in-touch mechanism to your target audience make sure to add an easy to access contact info page/form on your website design.

Many business owners, who are luring for online leads fail to understand the importance of a credible contact page, and set up long forms which both the customers and prospect find difficult to fill, and as a result, they lose a vital element of attaining client satisfaction.

Increase Sales Through Descriptions

For entrepreneurs, mainly the ones who are running online ventures, it is imperative for them to keep focusing on how to increase their sales at all times. However, doing this get really difficult if you are not banking on your initials in the right manner. For online businesses that are offering their services for hire to the customers, must highlight the entire process descriptively. You should also add professional photographs designed to catch the customer’s eye. Do not hesitate in employing services from local artists whose work can provide esteem and description to your online services.

Keep It Simple

In order to make your website selling, don’t forget to take a look at the most selling ones in the world. The current trend that you will also notice is the use of simple design. With the start of the current year, it has been made evident by design gurus across the globe that less is the new more. Businesses have now realized that the customers are not interested in all the dancing and fancy that used to be part of website designing in the old days.

The customer of today is more inclined towards acquiring information about the service he wishes to acquire. Any and every information is welcomed and for which design element in website designs are kept at a minimum to add more depth in content and highlight what is required without deviating the customer’s attention to anything else.

Choice Of Colors

Another thing requires consideration is the choice of colors that any business owners makes for his business website design. Since your brand image is not limited to color choices, therefore the color schemes that you chose to send your message across is equally important. Subtle colors are part of the trending design tactics in 2017.

The customers of today’s age respond to stimuli subconsciously. Yes, your website needs to look elegant at all levels however you do not have to make them a color pencil box to attract your customer’s attention. In order to do that effectively, you require a functional website that falls on the charts of decent looking websites in terms of color usage and trends.

The preference of colors of your target audience might differ with age and gender and most importantly by the shopping habits. Although race and nationality also holds much importance, however, we will not go into that detail in this article. An important point to note here is that no single color can bring about the best conversion to your website.

To check which color fits best on your requirements, get help from A/B testing which is an effective testing method used especially when the business owner is confused among two equally deserving options. A/B testing will reveal which color option is liked by your customers and bring an ease to your quest to find the perfect color scheme for your website design.


Typography is yet another element that is overlooked at all level during a website design process. Your first step towards including effective typography in your website design is to first learn about the typography concepts. People still believe that typography is a mere game of typing letters, we must clarify, it’s not!

The anatomy of a typeface involves every bit of the detail that comes in forms of measurements, curves, and other general standards which must be respected at all levels. Sometimes it is even suggested to break a few rules to stand out with your typography design, which again is a critical part to be decided on the business owner’s level. Taking some time to learn the basic principles will make you vastly more aware of the characteristics of the typefaces you choose and the manner in which you are using type as art.

Quick Load Time

Loading time is yet another factor that decides on how successful your website will be in front of the customer. You see, it’s a fast-paced age that we are living in and no one has too much spare time to spend on any one event. When it comes to websites, the gurus say that an online visitor leaves a web page if it doesn’t load in the mere time of 10 seconds only.

An equipped website developer will help you in this regard. In order to tweak your website in the best possible way so that it loads completely within the 10-second time frame without losing any of its functionality, get in touch with a professional website developer at your earliest.

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