Black Swoosh, Golden Arches or the bitten Apple. Do I have to tell you which brands I am referring to here? No, that is the power of logos. These logos are so powerful that some brands don’t even use their names and prefer to use their logos instead. These small masterpieces of digital art help you convey a brand message without writing or saying a single word.

It gives customers a clear picture of your brand personality and the characteristics associated with your brand. Each color can evoke a different response from a customer, therefore; you need to choose the right colors for your logo and other branding efforts. A small mistake can create a wrong perception about your brand in the mind of the consumer, which no business will ever want.

Every color you use in your branding, whether it is on your logo, landing pages or website, can tell a lot about your business to the customers. This infographic will shed some light on what do these colors say about your business. Read on to see how colors affect your business.


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