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Your Content Guide To Boost Online Growth In 2017

2017 is here and with the change in the year, business owners are now re-doing their marketing strategies to receive the most out of them, during the running year. Since the global perspective have now shifted towards online buying and selling, therefore what we can see all around us is a great influx of new websites, landing pages, online print material and so on. What is common among all of the said items is content.

The trick to staying ahead your competition is to be at your content’s best this year. As per the predictions made by the digital industry gurus and veteran business owners around the globe, 2017 is all set to revolutionize the eCommerce industry by growing to unprecedented levels.

SEO agencies across the globe have also predicted the steep rise of digital marketing media and their positive effects on businesses dealing in the sector. Witnessing the growth potential that the internet holds within itself for online transactions, and keeping in view the prediction of content being the major game changer, we decided to come up with less content guideline to help corporations grow in 2017, through informative content. Let’s have a look:

Quality Should Be Focused

It goes without saying that only the best survives in the market. In order to become the best, it is imperative to be high quality, be it your product offering or your website’s content. A few years back, however, the consideration was totally different. Website owners refuse to bank on the originality of the content, and it was there only for the sake of incorporating keywords into it, which, according to them were the drivers of traffic to their website. The scenario has changed completely now. The new algorithms of the search engines have made clear that only the most informative and original content that is written with the intention of being user-friendly, would score better search engine rankings. Due to its high usability, such content attracts more user when they search for specific keywords and thus allow the website to receive more clicks which are now the main drivers of better search rankings.

The content should be at least be unique, user-friendly and original for the sake of scoring more search engine rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Words Are Not Content

Another misconception that many budding business owners have in their minds is that content = words. Wrong! A given number of words cannot possibly pull visitors towards it if they lack a meaning. It is the creativity instilled in a content that serves the purpose, and not only words, but content can also come in other forms too. DIY videos, podcasts, SlideShare, live streams, social channels etc. are all forms of content that manage to pull consumers towards brands, all online. Therefore, in order to keep your brand on the top of the mind recall of your target audience, don’t just stick with words. Try getting creative with other forms of content to create a 360 degree integrated pull.

Online Presence Matters

And lastly, it is your overall online presence that is going to make a difference. The Internet is a virtual world, and similar to our planet, a business can thrive only to certain percentages if its presence is in limited areas. In order to grow and earn exponentially, it requires scattering its presence all across the globe. Similar to the phenomenon, in order to grow your online business, a business owner needs to take care of all the online mediums available to create a complete online presence. Social media these days is a really powerful medium to highlight what you have and how you are better than other, and the plus point is that you can use all the available resources like print material, videos, live stream to send the message across to your customers.

The above-mentioned factors are only a few that should be kept in mind while devising a content strategy for your online brand in 2017. Keep tuned in for more as we explore some more resources and bring for you some really great tips of business growth through different channels in the year ahead of us.

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