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Featured Logo Design Projects
Masaar; A healthcare system that serves to boost efficiency, transparency and convenience.

Masaar is Dubai Healthcare City Authority’s smart e-services platform integrated with governmental and non-governmental agencies to assist in licensing for healthcare professionals and setting up of commercial enterprises in the Dubai free trade zone.

Hyphen; a global human development practice based in San Francisco

Hyphen revolves around the concept that humans perform at their best potential only when they are connected with the root cause and this is exactly what Hyphen does superiorly. The client wanted Branex to create an imminent online presence along with an integrated logo and branding design identity for Hyphen.

ACE; Specialized Armored Solutions within the armored vehicle industry and its associated products

The company has achieved a consistent and reliable reputation within this armored industry by offering the highest quality products available in the market place and offering cost effective solutions to our customers.


Logo Design Process

Our stellar logo and branding design process ensures that we design logos that resonate with our clients.

Before kick-starting our logo and branding design process by conversing with the client to pick their brains and glean a comprehension of their general thoughts and preferences, our creative logo design team ventures into the “logo exploratory” phase. During this phase, we sort through myriad logos that we have previously designed for our clients and select ones which cater to what a prospective client is looking for in a logo or seem specific to their taste and industry.

Once our client has reviewed this document, we ask them to pick 3 of their worst and best-designed logos, with an explanation of why they fell head over heels with a logo or why they absolutely detest a design. Seeing their reactions to various designs helps us sneak a glimpse into their style preferences.

This detailed feedback process brings us closer to comprehending what a particular client is looking for in a logo. Once this is done with, we move on with our logo design journey.

Next up, we create a keyword cloud on a piece of paper. This is a unique brain-storming method where we circle your business name and surround the bubble with all the adjectives that reflect our client’s definition of what the final logo should look like. This helps us determine the message it should articulate and all the emotions it needs to evoke in the audience.

After our map has been doodled, our team seeks to draw connections from seemingly correlated words.

Ultimately, one of these connections will form the basis for the logo branding design. When we move on to the sketching part, we will remember to use 4-5 of these connections to formulate ideas.

Do you know that even the best designers sometimes come up with 100 ideas before they hit the goldmine? This is because doodling chafes out the crème de la crème from the bad ones. Our Professional identity designers sometimes sketch dozens of logo ideas when they are brainstorming, before they hand-pick the best ones to show in front of our clients.

Our sketches mirror what we have discovered in our discovery phases and add significant meaning to each of the connections we have drawn in the previous phase. We never believe our first ideas are our best, until we have sketched, and then sketched some more, until we have a repository of design ideas that we can seek inspiration from.

We only stop sketching when we feel like we have fully grasped what our client had in mind.

Once we have accumulated an influx of design concepts, we start designing them digitally. We then share the completed designs with a fresh pair of eyes to garner constructive feedback, and perhaps a whole new perspective. All our team members gather their heads to determine which design concepts perfectly embody the essence of the brand, or what the logo is trying to communicate. Our team feedback becomes the basis for our revisions.

The refinement stage is not a piece of cake, since we go back and forth on changes and improvements for various drafts, gleaning feedback at each iteration. During this stage, we can add bells and whistles to our drafts, tweak colors, fonts, and other details, and create mockups just to see how the final designs will play out in real life.

Our presentations with clients, where we put forward our ideas, follow a standard guideline. We present 3-4 design concepts in front of our clients. We start off by explaining the keyword cloud that we had constructed based on the client brief and subsequent discussions.

This helps elucidate what we have produced and the approach we followed during the design phase. We then move on to the logo designs, making sure to present each logo concept first with white type on a black background and then again, in black type on a white background.

Avoiding color helps make sure that our clients only focus on the core concepts, such as the symbolism, style, design, and the font of the logo. Even if a logo concept is stellar, a particular color palette may put off the user and make them biased to the entire concept. We then apply our logo concepts to relevant collateral, to show how the design will appear on a sign, a tee-shirt, a business card, or perhaps a mug.

Logo Design & Branding

How Do Our Logo Designs Boost Your Business?


Branding your Products right

A great way to give the impression of dependability and longevity is to get your brand out there. Our stellar logo designs when placed on merchandise or other branding collateral can greatly boost your brand’s trustworthiness.


Outshine your Competitors

A good logo reflects distinguishes you from everybody else and shows what you are all about to your customers. A good logo should dare to be different and needs to define the character of your business to help you bask in the limelight.

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