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Branex is a platform for website and mobile application development. We excel in the development of augmented reality applications. At Branex, we animate everyday elements and breathe life into your designs. Drag and Drop music clips, interactive images, photo slideshows, video messages, web elements and much more with the burgeoning development of AR.

Are you interested to launch your company in the AR hemisphere? Branex will love to do that for you. Let’s transform ideas into flawless digital solutions! Let’s create an experience that your customer will never forget.

Why AR? It’s where the world is heading off to!

Strategic view

Do you know that the economic impact of VR/AR is forecasted to a miraculous amount of

29. 5 Billion U.S. dollars in 2020

With AR & Us,

Your Business Can Redefine
Choose Your Merchandise of Augmented Reality Apps

Super-Imposition Based AR Apps

Experience an enhanced version of reality in the physical realm of the real-world. Change environments by augmenting them with super-imposed computer generated images. Create your own mini virtual world with a single mobile application.

Choose Your Merchandise of Augmented Reality Apps

Recognition based
AR Apps

Every time you scan a QR code, your image comes to life! That’s what the recognition based AR application has in store for you. Augment overlays of computer generated graphics on physical objects and create interactive learning experiences for users.

Choose Your Merchandise of Augmented Reality Apps

Location Based AR

Traveling can become tedious and boring! Want to transform navigational experiences into purposeful ones? Make use of GPS, compasses and accelerometers, place digital objects into specific landscapes, and create your own visually appealing maps.

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Decorate AR 4+

Place furniture objects

Simulate your furniture and interior design products in 3D augmented reality in real-time. Customize home décor like never before with the new Decorate AR app.

Looking to transform your mobile application into an Augmented Reality one?

Connect with us. Amaze the world with your creations.

Facts & figures

The Future of AR Apps

- The future of AR App Development outshines the
realm of smart technology. Here’s why!

Retail Shopping

61 %

of users believe that stores integrated with AR apps gain more traction.

Online Shopping

71 %

of shoppers rely on AR apps before making an online purchase.

AR Maps

200 K

locations are now rendered across UK Maps, all thanks to AR.


28 M

smart glass shipments are projected to be dispatched by 2020.