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Total client satisfaction is our motto and we do everything to achieve that.

Branex is a customer-centric digital agency that stands for total client satisfaction. Not only we do everything to achieve that, but our individualized approach to project execution makes it easier for us to create masterpieces that are loved by our clients and applauded by their customers.

Puerto Rico

Mario, The President & owner of Puerto Rico and the world LLC, was in search of an experienced and top-of-the-line digital agency to carry out stellar website development for the project. After acquiring initial proposals from some of the biggest names in the industry, Mario chose Branex instantly and there’s no looking back since then. Check out the video to see what Mario says about Branex!

Mario, The President & owner of Puerto Rico


Ahmed El Aidy, owner of Travellanza, approached Branex to create a creative, fast and intuitive website that establishes a noticeable online presence for the brand and takes the online business forward. The objective behind the creation of the website was to enhance the business reach and deliver a positive image for the business. Team Branex joined heads and worked on creating a design that outshines competitors and fulfils the objective of driving business growth. The end result was a website that delivered value to the business and helped in increasing sales for the business. Branex works on creating satisfied clients and this project was no exception. The video testimonial is a testament to the quality of work that Branex provides.

Ahmed El Aidy, Owner of Travellanza
Client Testimonials

Mariam Aghamali

I am very happy with all the services provided to us.
I will be returning back for other things in the near

iColors Automotive Inc.

Tabouli Cuisines

Excellent customer service and website quality. The Branex team did an amazing job designing and developing my company's website to exactly what I requested. The company's designers were able to craft a beautiful design, which makes my business's website look extremely professional and high quality, which in turn reflects my restaurant's quality of service and food. Speaking from bad experience with website development companies, this is the only company that I will recommend to anyone looking to develop a professional website. Don't believe me yet? Check this out - www.taboulicuisines.com

Keenan Safadi

Adaptive Immersion Technologies

I would first like to thank you for the hard work you all have done. It was very easy to communicate with the Branex team making the process flow much smoother. Our website and business has a complex and abstract concept making it difficult to create a website that would fit our purposes however with the patience and flexibility of the Branex team, I feel we have made a successful and highly descriptive website that provides a good rough summary of our company's services and our future directions. Our company is small and hard to say at this point exactly what we do and where we will go but with the help of Branex, we have made a website that clarifies a lot of confusion. Thank you again. Check this out - www.adaptiveimmersion.com

Quenten Kadlec

Bags For Wags

My overall experience, account management, service, quality and meeting timelines was quite good. The process was very easy and fluid and the design option I was presented with, were modern and aesthetically pleasing. My website turned out very nice. Thank you Branex. Check this out - www.bagsforwags.net

Rosanne Goodwin

Gordon Phillips

The experience with working with Branex overall was very good with respect to the professionalism of the account Manager Umer Baig. However, they were some concerns with respect to timely delivery and scope management. Having said that, I am really impressed with Branex willingness to work through the issues to ensure that they were resolved to my satisfaction at all times.

Ringaroos Inc.

Guardian Logistics Group

Billy and his team were a pleasure to work with. Quality service and excellent work! I would definitely use them again if the need arises. Check this out - www.guardianlg.com

Michael Hinde

Che Buono Food

I had a very good experience with Billy and are very satisfied with his professionalism, flexibility, care and customer service. Billy is definitely one of the few people I have done business recently to have handle difficult situations with excellent pose and kindness. Check this out - www.chebuonofood.com

Luciana Basile-Lewis


We tried various web development agencies & identified Branex as the best-fit solution for our needs. With Branex, our app could reach the market on the right time. Not only were the developers being super friendly, they took time to understand what we wanted and exactly delivered what we asked for. Check this out - www.taskque.com

Billy Knox


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