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With a long history of happy clients under our belt and an extensive experience building cutting-edge, professional websites, our web design company in Los Angeles delivers stellar solutions that mirror your brand values and support your business goals.


Think of your website like a slick-tongued, charming salesman. Backed by smart data from extensive research, all our web design strategies focus on User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, empowering us to deliver a responsive, fast performing, and quick loading website that not only reels in the best customers, but also makes sure they leave as loyal customers.


A high-performing website should not be a choice between top-notch functionality and an aesthetic eye-candy UI. By clearly communicating your business values to your end-users, we design websites that convert visitors into loyal customers. Our acumen, creativity and business experience help you deliver fast results and solve challenges of the highest level of complexity. Branex, a web design agency Los Angeles, helps your business connect with target customers in a singular voice, fine-tuned by top-of-the-line digital marketing consultation and creativity.

Cream of the Industry

Unlike most website design agencies in Los Angeles, we have a stellar team comprising of people from unique talents, cultures, and backgrounds, able to work hand-in-hand to fuel the passionate drive behind each website. Web design company Los Angeles embraces the visions and ideas of our clients like our own and capitalize on the most cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver unparalleled quality of craftsmanship. Our web development gurus love doing the impossible for you.


Websites that don’t keep customers at their heart, fail miserably. We do our diligent research to make sure your customers get exactly what they want. Generate leads, spark engagement, captivate prospects, and turn them into your clients with a stellar web design that promises a lasting user experience.


Branex is envisioned to providing the latest and finest web development solutions to businesses worldwide. We understand the worth of your investments, which is why our professional web development team is here to provide you with a host of robust services. Our stylish website designs are aesthetically pleasing and elevate your business to unprecedented heights of success. Stand above the crowd and rise above the noise.


We design, develop, and support profitable eCommerce platforms that offer sustainable results to our clients. Our eons of experience building e-commerce website development in Los Angeles using popular platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify help us set up your site with a fully integrated back-end system to help you manage customer accounts, create coupons, manage your inventory and catalog, and track your sales. Our coding capabilities ensure heightened interactivity and usability at every step of the e-commerce process, right from shopping an online catalog to checkout.

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Just like every business is unique, so should their websites. We don’t go by the cookie-cutter approach. We make sure to tailor our websites down to the tiniest details, even if it means constructing each element from scratch. We pick your brains to find out what you like and then build sites the way you want them to look and work. All our solutions are fully optimized to work in line with your business. If it can be envisioned, it can be built.

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In an era of information overload, it has become vital to keep your website content fresh and relevant. A robust CMS web presence designed by Branex, a web design agency in Los Angeles, alleviates dependency on your IT department, every time a content piece needs to be revised. Your content management system should provide you with effortless ways to add navigation, view website statistics, manage user accounts and files, upload photos, and edit text. Our CMS offers customers control over their site's content in a web-based, intuitive, and easy-to-use administrative interface. It is also expandable, customizable, potent, and robust.

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Qualified experts in leading web programming languages help us maintain the highest standards of quality.

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Our state-of-the-art 6 Phases web development cycle includes:
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We collaborate with each client to determine the project scope and explore the goals and visions of the client. All our clients fill in a project creative brief to offer additional insight into the user experience design team. Sitemap generation and creating user personas and are also part of the discovery process.

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We ask questions, listen to what you have in mind, and research you, your competition and your target audience. Armed with this information, we craft a stellar strategy to create a website that not only captivates your audience, but also meets all your goals and expectations.

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Once we’ve formalized the concept, the designing phase is kicked into gear. Our process considers modern design concepts, latest UI/UX principles, and innate desire to create beautiful websites. Your mock-ups will give you an idea of all the layouts and images we will use to build up the structure of your website.

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Once we have the approved designs, development begins. We amalgamate everything together, write the HTML/CSS, set up your CMS, process your forms, build your databases; in essence, we breathe life into your ideas.

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QA &

We bug-test all our projects to make sure we haven’t overlooked an image misaligned, a link unlinked, or a word uncapitalized. We test on all major devices and browsers to ensure optimal performance. We make sure to address all the little things, that when take a southward turn, can spell disaster for your website.

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Launching a website takes more than simply transferring the code from the development server to the production server. At this stage, we connect your chosen domain name to the website, make any final necessary adjustments, and add any SSL certificate to the site. We continue to support a project after the launch, because no project is ever perfect.


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