Ground Work

An innovative concept of food, liven up through an inutitive and hunger-inducing website design.
Che Buono Foods. An innovative food concept that is based on a moving truck, so that delicious food doesn’t stick to one place only. Our client’s philosophy is to distribute the authentic Italian taste to numerous localities of California, USA.
The client was facing issues with its old and obsolete website design that was doing no good in growing the business both in terms of clientele and popularity. Although a skilled social media team was put to work they also needed a strong backing of a professional website design that is high in aesthetic value and delivers a crisper and trendier feel to the online visitors along with embracing the traditional Italian culture. They also wanted a website that features their wide range of menu so that online visitors could know what innovative cuisines the business is offering.

Approach to meet the challenge

Branex was approached to create an effective website design strategy for CheBuono foods that narrates a clear idea of the brand’s personality and offerings to the online customers. Branex, having worked with numerous clients on the web design and development projects consulted CheBuono foods thoroughly upon the much required changes that were essential for the brand building process and provided a solution that helped them in gaining a 15% increase in online traffic within the first week of the new website launch.

Mood Board & Strategy

Focusing on bringing the most beautiful and attractive web experience to users.

Style Concepts

The usual mood board and strategy process at Branex start with business analysis and information gathering that is normally done through questionnaires filled by the client and through the meeting that our business consultants conduct with the client to understand their core requirement.
The mood boarding strategy allowed our designers to capture the true essence of the brand closely. It initiated by choosing the colors for the design process. A rich mix of red, white and black was finalized to give the much needed lift to the visuals and typography that will be used in the website design. The overall theme was decided to be regional, depicted successfully through the use of font-types that were popular in the Italian culture. This mood boarding activity allowed our team to gain more insightful feedback on the project’s overall visual approach, and then was effectively carried forward to the design thinking stage, making it transparent and easier to achieve.

Design Thinking

The culminated stage that enabled a vivid website design to come to life.

Concept Sketch

The previous design of Che Buono was colorless and stale. It didn’t convey the true essence of the brand and the client wanted a website design that stands firm on all grounds of aesthetics that triggers a craving for true Italian taste.
At Branex, creating a profound user browsing experience is the epitome of our success. We not only practice processes that enable us to create that but we try to keep the client in the loop during the design creation process to make sure nothing is missed that could hamper the user experience that is created.
For Che Buono foods, we did it by keeping the website CMS on the top of our minds. With the use of a content management system (CMS), we nullify the lifelong complexities any website could create whenever in the updating process. Our custom post types allowed for unparalleled functionality, couple it with a customizable footer menu and integration of third-party API for maximum ease of use.

Strategy Proposition

The method of content creation for Che Buono Foods was standardized format (to use catchy and unique content, created by our in-house content department) without ever sacrificing the flexibility and customizability when a different message needs to be sent across to customers.
With the use of full-bleed attractive food imagery along with sections that highlight menu items of Che Buono foods, Branex created a new website design that surpassed all the client expectations regarding design and seamless functionalities. The new website featured attractive fonts and visuals that embraced the Italian tradition and reflected the essence of true Italian cuisine.
To check the fully functional website that Branex provided to Che Buono foods, please click here.
I had a very good experience with Branex and I am very satisfied with their professionalism, flexibility, care and customer service. Branex is definitely one of the few design agencies in the U.S. I have done business recently, to have handled difficult situations with excellent pose and kindness.
Luciana Basile-Lewis – Owner

What We Accomplished

Achievement of client goals, made possible through tireless efforts
The entire website design and development process took 5 weeks to complete, in contrary to the months-long process that our client faced in the previous web design and development process. Branex pulled through the tough deadline and provided a beautiful website design that looked like a piece of Italian culture, adorned with classy fonts and visuals of mouthwatering savory dishes that reflected the fondness of food in Italy.

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