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A bleeding edge porcelain tableware manufacturer that aspires to disrupt the furniture industry with their tip-top hand-crafted tableware desired to extend their reach – from producing 300,000 pieces a month to 500,000 pieces every month. Dubai Porcelain contacted Branex to do the honors. The goal was to create a website that will highlight the core strengths of Dubai Porcelain and reach more people, secondly, Branex was allotted meticulous craftsmanship to produce stationary that resonates with the company goals, themes, and values.

Since Dubai Porcelain is globally acknowledged for refined artistic creation – Branex not only had to maintain the same stance, in addition to that what Dubai Porcelain really needed was a fresh face in the digital space.

Our designers & developers scrupulously crafted the stationary that refined the brand value, and a website was set in place that created an atmosphere of wow.

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