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EAUUAE was an ecommerce website business that was going in losses. There were multiple loop holes in the old website design. The main issue that the client was facing was the online order processing mechanism. Their earlier mechanism was complex and lengthy, that caused many of their prospects to bounce away from the main website design. Therefore a smooth process was anticipated by the client that could decrease the rate of prospects bouncing away along with creating a seamless process that could funnel out sales.
Branex was contacted to create a customer friendly and aesthetically pleasing website design for

Approach to meet the challenge

The idea is to improve the on-site conversions through simplified navigation and search functions that will allow the users to find an item they are looking for with much less effort. Stream line the checkout process and create a system that could address and persuade the empty carts towards a successful sale. An upgrade of the overall brand image is also required through a beautiful front-end interface and easy to use customer friendly features.

Mood Board & Strategy

An easier way to shop online to the forefront.

Style Concepts was a trusted supplier of renowned brands of Perfumes from around the globe in the UAE region. The primary goal of this project was to replace the old school manual style design with a new, trendier design that fosters consumer interest and gauges them so that desired action could be taken.
Since is an online ecommerce portal, the idea was to create a mix of colors and typefaces that not only look beautiful but also offers a streamlined look of the entire product category to the online visitor, thus making the entire order fulfillment process efficient to improve number of sales per day.
Our team of specialist designers and mood creating artists sat down with the client to brain storm for ideas. By discussing each and every point in detail, together we opted for the white background with a spread over look of products on each page of the website design.

Design Thinking

The process where our wild design imaginations come to life.

Concept Sketch

Branex replaced the poorly designed old website of to a new, invigorating website that is created upon variables bound to attract customers but also holds back-end coding support for an effective search engine optimization strategy put to place.

Since we decided to follow a spread-over-page design strategy for the ecommerce business, featured all its products spread evenly over the website pages following a uniform web-page grid system design approach that not only kept the page structure uniform across the website, but also allowed the design to seamlessly response to changing display settings according to the display device’s screen size.

Not only our design team aimed to find the right balance between the aesthetics and functionality but also preserved the overall personality and feel of the brand, by using colors that complimented the overall business structure. The design process became easier with the robust content blueprint, courtesy our expert content department along with the information architecture established in the strategy phase.

Strategy Proposition

A strategy that allowed the business growth of almost 25%
The ecommerce website design for was created with the tools and resources that are known to make online businesses achieve success in lesser time as compared to their competitors. Through the reinvented ecommerce website design, the online customers of were able to place online orders, print invoices and check inventory level before confirming the order. The entire system was fully developed on Shopify and is integrated with latest technologies to enable quicker transactions and make available critical inventory information from a central place anytime.

“The people at Branex were amazing. They transformed our poorly coded website into money making machine. Not only the design of the new website looks perfect but the way products are displayed on it is impeccable. Our customers are finding it much easier to now look for products and our sales have increased significantly in the last month. We can’t thank them enough!


What We Accomplished

With a strict deadline, we were required to put every skill at work.

The goal was to automate everything so that focus can be built on marketing and product enhancements, thus creating better online shopping experience for the customers. was thrilled to receive the new ecommerce website. Their customer service callbacks reduced by 67% and selection to order placement time have been cut in half. The conversion rate dramatically increased that eventually translated into satisfaction for the solution delivered.
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