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For coffee lovers in Dubai, you guys might be familiar with the word “Fenyaal” which is an Emirati word that translates to the traditional coffee cup. Fenyaal Café longed-for designing their stationary and level-up their corporate branding.

To do the honors, Fenyaal Café selected Branex for this delicate task. Because stationary reflects the brand personality and what Feryaal Café wanted was to be more visible and stand out from their competitors. Branex gladly accepted the challenge and initiated the work. From brochure design to visiting cards, and even the signboards needed to be well-aligned with the core values and the corporate philosophy of Fenyaal Café.

The result: As you might have guessed. Unconventional brilliance with fascinating design work. It was not just a Coffee brand, that needed attention, Branex took one-step ahead and replicated the upbeat setting from the café and displayed it in the design.

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