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A buzz-worthy digital presence that sets a new precedence

The bakery business watching out to build robust mobile application and redesign their website for better conversion rate to carry the job off with aplomb in this digital arena.


Integrating Digital Technology into the Bakery Business

Embodying the sweet taste of life, Impact Food NYC serves as a distributor of imported and domestic frozen baked and unbaked products. The Company majorly operates as a B2B business, where fleet of brand-new freezer equipped vans and trucks deliver high quality frozen bakery products straight to the stores. Impact Food NYC is known to feed the growing consumer appetite for succulent bakery products, from the heart of Manhattan.

In order to create a lasting brand personality, Impact Food NYC hopped on the digital bandwagon with a website and a mobile application that could change the spectrum of their business. The business aimed at reinventing the business wheel & forging ahead with a state of the art, intuitive and modern website and a robust mobile application. Branex came to the rescue and provided an impromptu innovative web as well as app solution & lived up to the client’s expectations of creating a noticeable brand identity.

Design Thinking

To enhance the brand value and create deep
understanding among target customers.


Meeting the Prerequisites

Having a design-rich & functional website and a highly responsive mobile application is essential for significant business growth in this digital arena.

Impact Food NYC already had a digital presence in the form of a functional website which was not serving the intended purpose. The company wanted to revamp the website by leveraging high-end technology into it & by making the user experience worthwhile. Along with this, a top-notch yet highly efficient mobile app was also required to revolutionize online user experience.

In order to expand customer base through awe-inspiring onsite experience, the bakery business needed the following provisos:

  • The website and mobile app will serve as a B2B platform where the admin will upload the products (bakery products) for the customers to place routine orders online without online payment.
  • Both will have the following two interfaces: Customer Interface and Web Admin Interface.
  • There would be separate sections for Customer Signup, Customer Dashboard/Account, Product Listings & Product detail page, Search & Navigation, Category and Product Management, Google Analytics integration and Standard Notifications.
  • Single Web-based Admin Panel will be used to manage the content and backend functionality for website and mobile application.
  • As per order booking, the order details will comprise of name of the business (customer) with address, product name and product quantity. Once the order is placed, the admin will receive a notification via email. The customers will also receive a notification for the same automatically through the system as order confirmation acknowledgement.

Approach – From Development to Deployment

Adhering to the requirements of our client, we ensured that the company doesn’t stand a chance of being superseded by its competitors.

Robust Website that Delivers a Wondrous Brand Experience

User-friendly website packed with amazing features, imagery and aesthetically appealing design was a fascinating insight to serve hundreds of online users. We strived endlessly to bring about out of ordinary results by improving overall site architecture. A fully responsive solution was further implemented backed by Wordpress Admin Panel and MySQL Database. Further, a web admin panel & mobile app backend access was provided to the business to manage the website and mobile app and its content. Site navigation was also ameliorated that enabled easier browsing and a frictionless user experience

Mobile Application – Connecting Business with People

Impact Food NYC works on a notion; count memories, not calories. Making their customers happy is the motto of their business and they ensured this by expediting a seamless customer journey. Branex took the lead and made this possible by devising an amazing mobile application that ticked all boxes in terms of a great user interface and creatively designed UI elements. The mobile app of Impact Food NYC punches well above its weight with its easy booking system that allows customers to place orders from the comfort of their places.

Results - Breaking New Ground

With our expertise, creative team and agile development process, we contributed towards guaranteeing remarkable results. After the upgraded website got live, there was an increase in the onsite traffic, number of unique visitors and the conversion rate. With the help of a revised website architecture and mobile app invention, the customers now find it easy to locate what they are looking for. The upgraded web platform addresses the target audience, connecting the offerings with the needs of the prospects. Moreover, lead generation and sales were increased that was a mere reflection of successful digital transformation of Impact Food NYC.

Leading Edge Designs and Development

When it comes to design, the quality is what we talk about. A highly functional design is incomplete without usability, creativity, flawlessness, responsiveness, aesthetics and a fast loading time. The design and development were sculpted considering the aforementioned features. It was ensured that the development of mobile application and website was constructed to provide a seamless user experience with an intent to increase conversion rate. The theme and color selection were taken into consideration solicitously, that resonated with the brand message and the business objective. The user-friendly, intuitive and robust website and app design were high in aesthetic value that enriched digital customer journey.

Empowering Brand Identity

The power of the brand lies in what resides in the heart and minds of the consumers. Impact Food successfully managed to position its brand in the sight of consumers with the help of untiring support of our team. The strategy proposition helped generate amazing results and deliver value for our clientele.

We are here to strive for your brand recognition!



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