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Munasabah happens to be your new saviors for all your catering needs

Munasabah came with an idea of an app that offers a full solution for catering and events and we at Branex provided them with one. A one-stop platform where you can pick different caterers with cuisines of your choosing and suppliers of different amenities from a pool of caterers and suppliers.


Munasabah – Came up with idea of an app that metamorphosed catering industry.

Munasabah approach Branex to break conventional catering and aimed to bring far-reaching experience for their customers with customized order of cuisines of their liking from caterers that offer the best price and you can also find their availability at the time of your event.

The company seeks to provide the best to its customers with reliability and accessibility so they not only provide them with caterers but also with different suppliers that help them in a variety of events and with this company gives its user one less thing to organize and stressed out and let them focus on other aspects of the event.

Design Thinking

To enhance the brand value and create deep
understanding among target customers.


Client’s Wish

Munasabah came to us with an idea in mind and wants Branex to convert into reality, and we did it splendidly. Munasabah wants an app that connects people to caterers that offers the cuisines they are searching for. Branex wouldn’t let go of any chance to provide the client with pure satisfaction, so we kept our thoughts in one place and brainstormed ideas to bring this application to life. With the help of our expert mobile app development team, we have created an app that provides you with exceptional usability and extensive options from selecting caterers that offer specific cuisines, their prices, locations, availability, and make a booking just on the go.

How we turned it into reality

Without dilly-dally, we glided into the development phase. Our team encapsulated the features that are briefed by the Munasabah with utmost feasibility and accessibility, keeping in mind not to make it look burdened to ensure the user can navigate easily and bring the most out of the app. With this experience of the app, which is leveraging and rewarding at the same time, you can explore a whole lot of caterers with cuisines they are offering and suppliers with a considerable number of amenities. Aligned with features expected by the client and above par aesthetics and interface, Branex delighted Munasabah by providing above their expectations.

The Part We Love – Results

Our dedicated and tireless efforts have made Munasabah an astounding app, as a result now customers can cherish a broad range of caterers with a whole lot of services, ranging from food to decoration. Customers were enthralled by the feature where they can set event date, time, detail, venue and send it to their friend's list to invite them. What’s admirable here is that guests can acknowledge that they are attending the event and then your dashboard will give the update of attendees. Through enormity and efficacy, Branex has delivered what was expected from it.

Integration Beyond Imagination

Cohering to the requirements of the client and keeping in mind the idea of innovation and creativity, every step performed by Branex is pure dedication to building an app that is aesthetically pleasing and ridden by an astronomical amount of features, nevertheless keeping usability and reliability our priority. This psychic app is enriched with an immeasurable feature which is without any doubt stems from the exceptional and diligence performance of our team.



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