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Established in the year 2016 – a construction consulting firm that aims to help people expand their properties in Dubai. By following the unconventional ways PureLogic made a solid standing in the market for mentoring all-level businesses. Having said that PureLogic felt the need to stretch their boundary and reach more people with compelling brand persona. What was required, was a brand personality that can spotlight the core values of the business to the people of Dubai.

To counter this problem – PureLogic contacted Branex with a strong recommendation to deliver tangible results. Branex started with the initial brainstorming & crafted some gorgeous and exquisite mockups that not only focused on the design part but also highlighted the true essence of PureLogic in their stationaries.

With a clear understanding of the brand, Branex designed an elegant stationary that was highly appreciated and greatly loved by the client. After all, the purpose of stationary was to represent the heart of the client, and that is what Branex did.

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