How Branex managed to escalate TaskQue’s traffic from 5,000 to 30,000 visitors in 6 months.
TaskQue was locally connected with our team and reached out to solve a serious problem. What was so serious about the problem? Well, TaskQue had a beautiful website and an amazing app. But the only thing missing was people to know that TaskQue existed.
There was a sheer amount of competition in the market & so it was nearly difficult to appear in the search engine. The competitive growth was chocking TaskQue potential to generate leads. We all knew that this was the brand with potential, and our job was to create brand awareness so that Google takes notice of the website.
Since the market was a cutthroat competition among the market our job was not easy, to begin with. There were hundreds of similar apps and in that dog-eat-dog battle, we were about to step up the game for TaskQue.

Approach to meet the challenge

TaskQue was overwhelmingly disappointed by various efforts are done by previous SEO agencies. So, a team of TaskQue sat with our experts for the last-ditch to make the magic happen. Because of the Google’s regular update on their algorithm in the past three years, the ranking was unstable and it became a nightmare for TaskQue to rank on the first few pages of Google.

Strategy Proposition

We had the disastrous experiences in our minds that TaskQue experienced with SEO agencies in the past so the first step was to bridge the gap between communication and transparency. We educated TaskQue on various aspects on how they will be integrated with all the efforts that we will be making every day.
What was the outcome of our strategy? A bond of trust between Branex and TaskQue. It was made clear that the work we are doing will guarantee transparency and imminent growth.
We started our work with Thematic keyword research. The first aim was to target the right customers towards our client’s website. We researched the competition to devise the highly-desired keywords searches.
Our team spend hours to dig-in the right-fit keywords of our client and optimized the website according to the industry/customer needs.

Success Depends upon on your numbers

2,300 signups & 21,500 people were already searching for the keywords we inducted in our client’s website.
We are proud of our client successes. and out results speak for themselves.
Within the first three months, traffic doubled from 5,000 to 10,000+ which was improved and nurtured in the next three months and traffic rose up to around 30,000+ visitors in total.
On Page SEO of TaskQue website and coupling the changes with high authority link building moved our client to the top three positions on various keywords.

We tried various mobile app development agencies & identified Branex as the best-fit solution for our needs. With Branex, our app could reach the market on the right time. Not only were the developers being super friendly, they took time to understand what we wanted and exactly delivered what we asked for.

What We Accomplished

When the project was started we initiated the process with 4 keywords. After intensive research from the competitive and meticulous work from our team, we were able to rank top 20 keywords in the first month.The signups which were nearly noticeable were now overwhelming for our client to handle. Total signups were 2,300 with a healthy revenue in the end.
By doing SEO of our client we were able to make get our client mentioned in few of the renowned
Total revenue increased by 200%
At the end of the day what was important is that our client was ranked in the top three search results of Google which made our client extremely happy.
We are most proud of the moments when we make a difference in someone’s life and our hard work helps them achieve their dreams.

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