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Anyone who has been involved in parking infractions knows how cumbersome and time-consuming the process of paying or disputing parking tickets can be. Settling your parking ticket infraction is a tedious process where you’re required to physically visit the parking authority and stay away from your work, school, and other important engagements. And this holds true wherever you may go in the world.

Approach to meet the challenge

Tired of this predicament, two Torontonians came up with the idea to build a mobile app service that would primarily cater to drivers in the Toronto region, help unburden them of this petty and irritating issue for a very small fee. Having no prior app development experience, they approached us with this novel idea and sought our assistance in realizing this dream by developing an app solution that would be intuitive and quickly help them manage their parking ticket violations. We knew exactly how to translate this people’s solution to people’s problem in the best possible way.

Mood board & Strategy

TicketePay wanted Branex to create an app that can help drivers pay their disputed parking tickets from their mobile devices.

Style Concepts

Working on people’s solutions to people’s problems is always fun.
We began this journey with one aim: to create a solution that’s simple to use and minimalistic and focusses on swiftly resolving target audience’s problem. So, we started off by using an idea-driven process that involved brainstorming, rapid prototyping to validate the UI & UX requirements and client’s creative brief without committing to a deep dive in the design and development ocean.
The strategy behind TicketPay was to provide the users an easy and swift means to pay or dispute their parking tickets. After an in-depth study of the challenges faced by the target audience and how we should go about in helping them out of this irritating and time-wasting problem by means of a minimalistic and pragmatic app solution.
Problem statement: Help drivers to pay disputed parking tickets right from with their mobile devices.

Design Thinking

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

Concept Sketch

The Black color in the app represents Authority, Power, Mystery, Boldness, Elegance, and Sophistication. Since the app is targeted for people who want to save themselves from a court hearing, we have used the color gray – which represents a balanced and formal feeling.
The orange here is for a playful look. To keep things at ease. To maintain the joy & creativity for the audience. This is coupled with a shade of yellow which brings the feeling of warmth and happiness, and calmness.
We have used rectangle shape in several places in the app that devotes stability of the design. This keeps the user calm and the psychological reaction is peace because it is a ticketing app which needed some calmness from the user.
There is no development without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.

Strategy Proposition

A strategy that allowed the business growth of almost 25%
After we are done with the graphic design, we switched gears for the development part. Right from the start, our team was in contact to understand the core features that the client wanted. As the mobile app algorithm came into place, it went to many tweaks and overtime for further accuracy. Branex initiated a team for research & prototyping the physical color-changing strip iterated on its size, coloring, and shape.
For this reason, Branex maintained a flexible approach. From time to time perfecting the algorithm as-needed basis. Our teams collectively joined forces and achieved project success. The focus was on the development of all the necessary functionalities that the application required for its users. The requirement was to run a series of tests that will synchronize with the latest deal uploads of the vendors and pop-up to the users.

We tried various mobile app development agencies & identified Branex as the best-fit solution for our needs. With Branex, our app could reach the market on the right time. Not only were the developers being super friendly, they took time to understand what we wanted and exactly delivered what we asked for.
Ticket Pay

What We Accomplished

The result was an app with a rich user-vendor experience to enhance the usability of the user and an easy-to-use navigation experience. With stunning design interface, the app was tested on both Android and Apple store.
Next, the app was tested by our QA team. With quality testing, we cross-checked everything that was asked by the client.

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