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Capturing Digital Market by Waking People Up in The Morning, Just How Nature Intended

An alarm mobile app satisfying people all over the globe by disturbing their sleep. That’s how it is creating the buzz.

Project overview

An Alarm Mobile App That Works for Everyone, Giving You an Extra Push Each Morning.

An exquisite app is a work of art that wakes you up no matter how grouchy you tend to be in the morning. Rising early doesn’t mean to making people feel jangled in the morning and that’s what WakeApp does. The shrill alarm can be exhausting and a little harsh thing in the morning, that’s when WakeApp comes to ease the burden.

WakeApp is looking to redefine its online presence with a highly intuitive app that takes on a different approach and helps user get out of their comfy beds. Branex became the ideal choice of the company, when it came to developing a grand mobile application.

Problem Statement: Developing an innate application encapsulated with amazing features, which can go an extra mile to wake up the user.

Design Thinking

To enhance the brand value and create deep
understanding among target customers.


The Challenge

The applications bombarded with obnoxiously loud alarm noise are quite irksome. For this reason, the WakeApp has certain minimalist yet decent guidelines to create an impact and help the mobile application stand out from the crowd. The project outlined the development of two applications each for Android and iOS platform. The sole purpose of this application development is to wake the users up through an alarm and allow them to begin their day by performing certain activities.

Branex devised viable strategies for application for unleashing its competitive edge with its minimalist yet aesthetic design. The requirements stated that the grand WakeApp will consist of two modules in the first phase: Alarm Module and Play Content Module, enabling the users to set alarm, view newsfeed and listen to online radio. The application will support English, REST APIs web services, MySQL Databases and Custom PHP Admin Panel.

Approach – Living up to Contemporary Standards

Encapsulated with quintessential attributes and high-performance features, the WakeApp would not let the user sleep through this. We helped blend creativity with aesthetics and functionality to deliver a top-notch application. WakeApp is primarily designed to track the sleep with additional features to wake up user on time.

For a lot of us, waking up isn’t that difficult but it becomes an arduous task in some instances when alarms are not loud enough or the blankets are damn warm to take off. Branex didn’t want this to happen so it created WakeApp. This exceptionally designed app is built with three sections: Alarm, Newsfeed and Radio. In the alarm section, you can choose from a range of built-in natural and soothing sounds or make the app play your own music to wake up. For Radio, the tab will display a list of online radio stations from where the user can easily access the stations and listen to them. Along with this, in the Newsfeed channel the users can read and learn updates from the news.

Outcome – that Inspires

The results were unexpected. This mobile application has satisfied the masses when it made its foray into the market. WakeApp doesn’t help you physically getting out of bed but it makes the waking up painful process much easier. It has assisted the audience at large by helping them with fresh early beginnings. There was an increase in the download rate of the application and people left positive reviews of the WakeApp. As per one of the reviews, the user claimed to restore its natural sleep rhythm after consistent use of the meticulously designed application.

Intuitive App Experience

Limitations of the Application that Won’t Compromise on You, Reliving the Sleepy Mornings!

To knock sleep right out from behind the eye sockets, Branex has devised an ingenious app that blares at the user, until they get out of their bed. A few limitations in Android and iOS were experienced, but it is not worth bothering about when it’s about functionality. The limitation in iOS is that the user can only set the built-in tracks as alarm sound and to set a personalized alarm tune, the user needs to keep the app open and the phone plugged in. Additionally, in iOS, the local notifications are sent to play an alarm sound at the specified time, whereas, a local notification will not wake the app unless the user taps on the notification or app icon. This elucidates that the user will have to manually select the desired content and play it.

Communicating Brand to the Masses

WakeApp envisions to help the world with a better sleep and healthy lifestyle patterns. Built to unleash a competitive edge, WakeApp believed to be part of the change so that users can track their sleep. Penetrating in the market was not a balancing act but it made its way and the credit goes to Branex. Branex played a significant role in amplifying the brand message of WakeApp because Branex believes that our clients are partners in our business and without them we cannot forge our business ahead.

All we work for is customer satisfaction and that’s how we roll!



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