Ground Work

Utilize social to promote institutional research and attract students.
As universities find the need to appeal to an ever-increasing and diverse student base, successful branding and marketing have become increasingly important activities for institutions. Universities must now go to greater lengths to differentiate themselves from competitor institutions. Successful branding can help with increasing enrollment, expanding fundraising and other outcomes.
Windsor University is also a prominent university in West Indies. Like many other credible education institutions, Windsor also had a heritage and a vast alumni network but did not have an online social presence where the alumnus could interact with each other.
Windsor came to Branex to create a sense of excitement about the university’s alumni through an online social presence that could also encourage prospects to apply and applicants to enroll, through social postings regarding any new stuff happening at the university or the ones that depict the university’s current culture.

Approach to meet the challenge

Branex opted for a social media strategy creation to attract and engage the target audience for Windsor University which was mainly students and alumni. Our social media experts sat together to create a mix of all social forum postings that will optimize the reach and magnify the market penetration, thus creating viable results for the educational institution.

Mood Board & Strategy

Leveraging the full capabilities of social media engagement.

Style Concepts

The idea of the social mood boarding was to create a viable channel of posts that could gauge the interest of the audience of Windsor University. We sat together to create a profound social media mood strategy that involved finalizing the initial posting for the first months. Tactfully measuring the engagement that they are going to receive the official social channels of the university that we will create.
Branex produced an effective step by step social engagement strategy that involved the creation of social channels followed by periodic postings and social advertisement to increase followers. The posts will be created keeping the young and energetic feel alive whilst at the same time maintaining the highest quality standards set by the university itself.

Strategy Proposition

Campaigning to keep the welcoming feel alive.

Branex created an integrated social strategy for Windsor University that included social channel development on all the popular social networks along with their maintenance through postings, shares followed by an increase in fan base along with accurate monthly reports. Through the social media strategy, we intended to achieve the best marketing mix of social channels for our client. With a 4 week social calendar designed specifically for Windsor, Branex aimed and provided for an impeccable social strategy that not only maintains but also increases social popularity, thus fueling the need and requirement of social presence of the university. Along with the social media strategy development and implementation, we also provided a high-level breakdown of all social media platform analytics.

We saw a dramatic increase in our online traffic, not only from the country but abroad as well. The enrollments in the business management programs increased by 23.7% overall. The number also grew for other programs. All thanks to Branex for rolling out a professional yet very engaging social media strategy for Windsor.

What We Accomplished

An increase in total brand awareness and equity within the first month of launch.
Branex designed and implemented 24 social banners in the first month of the social strategy. Only the first moth obtained 7993 impressions and 80 engaged users on Twitter alone. On LinkedIn, we were able to score authentic 3784 impressions along with 91 engaged customers along with other social channels like Instagram and Google+ generating similar incremental numbers. With the successful implementation of the social campaign, the desired results were achieved that the client wanted.
We successfully scored a prominent place for Windsor University in the online social arena along with genuine, interested lead generation for the university. We not only bolster their online presence but also strengthen their brand heritage through social media marketing that brought a new wave of enrollments to the educational institution. We also generated excitement within the university’s vast circle of alumni through our social postings and invited them to like the page and start sharing, thus spreading the reach of the university far and wide.

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